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Today’s Stress and Relief

Modern Life, Social Pressures, and Todays Economy on Physical and Emotional Stress. Make Relief Your New Norm.

Modern ways of life and social pressures of today bring on physical and emotional stresses. Our constant drive towards higher and further levels of achievement in the workplace, while striving to fulfill personal-life desires, leave our physical and mental health as the black-sheep, the red-headed stepchild, the child left behind - you get it. Health, exercise and overall self-care, too often become so neglected that our goals become a self-inflicted stress. Now throw in today’s economic pollutions and anxiety of COVID-19 prevention!

“...companies have begun to recognize the physical pressures on employees in the workplace and now offer massage services... to encourage and promote employee health and wellness.”

Easily, our bodies natural resilience can become overwhelmed, increasing stress-related illnesses like IBS, muscle pain, and high blood pressure, just to name a few. Preventative roles are important in combating these effects. Devoting time to self care is far more important to empty the mind of the pressures that come with your own ambitions.

Massage Therapy, known to be one of the most effective ways to maintain physical, mental and psychological health, also aids rehabilitation and anger management. Many cultures accept regular massages as a part of daily life for all ages but today, companies have begun to recognize the physical pressures of workloads on employees and now offer massage services on-site, using specialized massage chairs or desk attachments. Some fully or partially compensate a limited number of massages as a way to encourage and promote employee health and wellness. #employeehealthandwellness

Encourage more focus and devotion towards stress relief for yourself and your team. Higher self-esteem, confidence, increased energy level and productivity will go a long way. Place the body’s health as the number one factor to accomplish those long-term goals you must keep reaching for!

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