We have created a Few new policies based on New York State's guidelines & rules to help PROTECT our clients as well as our massage therapists for

every session

Temperature Check - A temperature check with a contact-less thermometer will be conducted before every session. A temperature log will be kept, as a precautionary measure.  Like everything else with ZOAURA Massage Therapy, your privacy is always protected.

hand wash - Our therapist wash their hands with soap and water for 20 seconds prior to the start of every session, To help prevent the spread of COVID-19

Masks - We require that you wear your mask during the entire session. If you do not have one, then one will be provided for you.

Our ZOAURA massage therapist team will be wearing masks to provide protection to our clients as well.

Regular COVID testing - Our staff is required to get tested for the COVID19 virus every 14 days. This guidance is a standard requirement for all businesses such as massage therapy that fall under the category of "Personal Care Services". 

Table Cleaning - Although fresh linens and face protectors will be used in-between sessions, our massage therapists disinfects the table both before and after a session in-front of clients to provide ease of any cross contamination concern.

Contact-less payment/Card on file - We now require clients to have a card-on-file when first signing up.  You can still tip with cash if you want to, we just ask you to use exact change.